Clare Louise December 20, 2018

If you are super excited that your college trip is going to engage you in a sailing sport, just let that sink for a minute. Keep yourself all curious and hopeful to have lots of fun, but take a look at the top 5 important reminders before you go off.

Even though there are ways to enjoy the sailing adventure under strict guidance, knowing a thing or two can help you gain confidence. Moreover, this could also give you a kick to start a new hobby, learn more about it and own one of the sails for yourself in the future.

Many see it as a very pleasing and relaxing experience. It offers the tranquility and peace that you cannot get from going to pubs at the weekends. Instead, a small sailing trip can be much more rewarding. In the summer, this could be a great deal worth trying. So, let us start with something very basic like what sailing can make you?

So, sailing is good for you. It can make you healthier. It helps improve your muscle strength, flexibility. It offers the serene calm time in the water away from the world. A good way to get your cardiovascular training done right is sailing.

What are these 5 reminders?

  1. Become aware and familiar with the waters. Get to know the weather, keep yourself updated all the while. This can be really life-saving if you know a storm might be approaching an hour earlier.
  2. Do not go for bareboat chartering. Though it gives vibes of great posters and movie imagery, it is strictly not for newbies. Try and gather information on what kind of boat you want to charter. Preferably, the ones that offer all the safety features than just the bare bones. A skippered charter is often a better idea with a seasoned captain. If you can afford a bigger budget from your income, a crewed charter is the best thing. You will just need to worry about how you can enjoy while the crew does all the work for you.
  3. Always prepare for emergencies. Bring your first-aid kit and pack it with antibiotics, painkiller, tape, band-aids, gauges and other things you feel necessary. Feel free to toss in a little more than necessary. A small slip on the slippery deck can be hurtful. Get sprays to keep things in order. And, always be more than careful. For example, sharp objects, dangerous end-points on the boat should be avoided at all costs. At many stores, you shall find readymade kits for sailors and this should save you money.
  4. A GPS, compass, and map. Be sure to have all the three of them. It is nothing to be told about but on the sea, things can be difficult with connectivity and proper functioning equipment. Having the traditional way of knowing the route is as useful as a piece of the pie when you have been hungry the whole day.
  5. Finally, get the right footwear. The best of them are rubber-soled boat shoes and sandals that cover your toes. This saves you from injuries and slipping.