Edith Bryant December 17, 2018

Fort Lauderdale has been gaining a lot of popularity nowadays because of its fast growing development. It is becoming the city of choice in Miami for witty investors, both residential and commercial.

Picking the best car rental defines a successful vacation in Florida. Rent Max Fort Lauderdale can help you choose one.

Visitors are crowding the place due to its canals and charm, often referenced as “The Veniceof America”. The beaches here stretch up to 37 kilometers of golden sand, filled with lively vacationers all around the globe. The luscious blue-greenwaters offer a lot of activities, from sailing the wide horizon to diving withthe local sea creatures. Not only can you enjoy the beach and its waters, but you can also shop and dine on Las Olas Boulevard – one of Fort Lauderdale’s greatest attractions, filled with shops to cater your needs.

It is a fun place to travel to, but the whole experience depends on how you can go one of its tourist spots to another. In this article, we will give you an idea on howto pick the best car for any kinds of trip to Fort Lauderdale.

Factors to Consider in Picking Your Ride

We know that you are getting excited on your trip to Fort Lauderdale, but before that, youneed to consider the following in picking the best car for your trip:

1. Number of people

The car you will pick depends on the number of people you are on vacation with. You would not want to ride a sedan with 7 people nor rent a van for a single person.

2. Budget

This is a no brainer. Before picking a Porsche to ride on for your Fort Lauderdale adventures, first check your wallet. You should consider the conditions the car rental company has before lending their cars.

3. Transmission

Somepeople actually overlook the transmission of the car they are renting. If you can’t drive a manual one, stick with an automatic.

4. Place of Travel

This isn’t as crucial as the first three factors. Most of the tourist destinations have cemented road, so you can rent any car of your choice. Some, however, are not as developed as other places, so you might consider getting a big one.

5. CarRental Company

There are many car rental companies available in every travel location. To pick the best one, always research first about it. You can also check online for recommendations.

Car Classes to Choose From     

Nowthat we got the factors in choosing a car away, let us now differentiate the different car classes to choose from. They all differ in size and use, but it’s ultimately up to you what to choose.

1. Economy Cars

These cars offer the least gas consumption and greatest mileage, and excellent for a 1-2 person vacation. Example of these cars is a Mitsubishi Mirage.

2. Compact Cars

These are medium-sized cars perfect for a group of 4 people in short trips, and 1-2for long ones. Example of these cars is a Ford Focus.

3. Intermediate Cars

These cars are bigger than compact cars, but smaller than a standard car. They are usually chosen for the style preferences, rather than the mileage. Example of these cars is a Hyundai Elentra.

4. Full Size Cars

Thesecars offer the best boot or leg space, perfect for those long travels. Exampleof these cars is a Toyota Camry.

5. Premium Cars

These cars usually offers comfortable seats and large trunk storage. Those doing a business trip prefer this. Example of these cars is Chrysler300C Platinum.

6. Luxury Cars

These cars are packed with rich, top quality interiors and a high-end engine that will surely make heads turn. Some also boasts ample space for luggage and people. Example of these cars is Audi A6.

7. Convertible Cars

These cars offer the greatest way to enjoy a trip because of its style, if you have the money for it. Example of these cars is a Ford Mustang.

Why Choose RentMax in Fort Lauderdale

RentMax do not just provide you with the car that you desire, but we also offer great deals in your rental. You can choose your mode of payment and plan, number of drivers, car insurance, and many more. Not only do we provide quality car rentals, but we also charge them in a cheaper rate compared to other competitors in the market!

There are a lot of different cars to choose from and most of them will maximize your pleasure during your trip to Fort Lauderdale, depending on your preference. But, at the end of the day; you might not get what you are looking for. This depends upon the car rental company of your choice.

Whenever you decide to visit Fort Lauderdale, remember: RentMax is your best car rentalchoice!