Kirk Barney September 30, 2019

Sometimes estimating the cost of designing a modular kitchen turns into a hugely stressful work, but it is not as tough as it is assumed to be. Actually, the calculation work is pretty quick and easy and it comprises only five steps. For determining the cost of your modular kitchen, you need to select the choices that you would like to have for your kitchen. The best thing is when you find it not only tough but impossible to determine the cost alone, and then you are liberal to hire a kitchen expert who would accomplish this job for you.

Some vital points regarding the modular kitchen cost that you can’t afford to ignore are the following:

  • The materials that are being used for making your kitchen – You must be mindful of the fact that materials do vary from being low-quality to HDF, plywood, or MDF. If your budget allows, you can make your kitchen in entire solid wood or steel. While selecting a material, you should also consider the weather condition in your area, availability of maintenance assistance, and the way your family is going to use the kitchen.
  • The finish needed for the facia of your modular kitchen – A finish can be PLPB or Pre Lam Particle Board, Laminate, which is also known as sunmica, Membrane, polishes or veneers, and PU or polyester that includes lamination or poly coat.
  • The quantity and quality of accessories that you have decided to use in your kitchen –It is also important for you to make decisions regarding whether you prefer to have basic baskets, such as cutlery, or plain basket. The price would go up when you add accessories, like pullouts and corner units. You can use innumerable options and so, the cost too would escalate with each one of them.
  • The way of measuring the square feet of your kitchen – When you wish to understand the price of a modular kitchen, then you should understand the unit well. Commonly, the costs of kitchens are made post calculating the sq.ft. of a kitchen and it is calculated by measuring the unit’s width and multiplying it with the unit’s height in feet. Depth is commonly taken as normal 22 inches.
  • The price of accessories – When you have calculated the woodwork, then the matter zeroes on the number of accessories that you will require. Commonly, the woodwork is found with three standard drawers beside one shelf and it continues in all the cabinets. When you wish, you can also accessorize utilizing baskets, such as cutlery tray or SS baskets, such as plain baskets or covered baskets. You can include one of the several types of bottle pullouts or corner units too.

Final thoughts

For getting an estimate of a modular kitchen, you can begin your calculations by assuming that you have been putting plywood having laminate finish and waterproof ply in your modular kitchen’s bottom units. Again, you can use commercial ply in the top units.