Paul Petersen September 30, 2019

Digital transformation, also known as DT, is cited as one of the most difficult challenges for businesses moving forward in 2019.   Before a business even starts to implement their digital transformation, money, time and a lot of resources has to be invested in developing a digital transformation strategy that is unique to their organisation.  It’s important to understand that every businesses transition to digital transformation requires a different approach which is often budget and resource dependent.

For a digital transformation project to be a success, it’s vital that in-depth research on the many digital innovation trends is carried out and more importantly – understand.  Knowing what digital trends are set to shape the future could make or break your digital transformation goals.  The cross over to new digital technology in an existing business often brings many challenges each stage of the digital implementation project, therefore it’s essential that a thorough digital marketing strategy is meticulously planned to ensure a smooth transition.

Having digital savvy employees at every level in your business is a massive step in the right direction towards digital transformation.  The importance of educating yourentire organisation with the right know-how and digital skills cannot be underestimated when it comes to the digital transformation of your business organisation.

Completing a digital marketing course will go a long way to cover all major aspects of digital transformation.   To move forward in today’s digital world it’s vital to have the right mindset in order to change current business practices that may be slow and flawed.

Why does digital transformation matter for business?

So, if your business is successful and operates smoothly, why take on the huge challenge and expense of digital transformation?  Simply put, new digital technology brings about new possibilities as well as efficiency, and above all else, improves customer engagement.  According to the experts, innovations like artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) are set to reshape the future of customer experience.  Fundamentally, this is what your ever more sophisticated customers want – and expect.

The full potential that a well-designed and executed digital transformation strategy is able to bring to customer service offerings is the next bit digital thing.  In 2019, it’s all about developing customer intimacy, improving customer engagement and getting in front of more potential customers online.

Let’s not forget about the power digital technology has to boost brand awareness – now this is so huge – it needs a whole blog on its own.

Digital transformation challenges

The long-term cost of not going digital could ultimately spell disaster for your business.  Therefore the ‘actual’ cost of failing to go digital is impossible to estimate.  However, failing to increase efficiency, improve productivity and build customer relationships are certain

It’s safe to say that ‘all’ businesses are keen to go down the digital transformation road, however it’s important to understand the possible challenges:

Here are a few barriers that could stand in the way of a smooth digital transformation:

  • The comfort zone – The mindset of all the stakeholders has to be ‘won’ over in order to move forward into the unknown digital advances. As people, and business, often get stuck in comfort zones, this can prove challenging.  It’s not farfetched to say that employees may often feel intimated by new technology and reluctant to get on board. Especially social media marketing which is often miss understood.
  • Understanding – There is no ‘single’ digital technology that will instantly transform a business into a digital age, therefore a full understanding of the digital transformation process is needed before embarking on this long digital journey.
  • Lack of budget – Business often may debate the value of implementing a digital transformation strategy, which can prove costly, difficult and time consuming. However, when faced with the costs of overhauling legacy systems in your business, remember that digital transformation will pay off in the long run.
  • Processes challenges –There has to be a complete shift in IT management as it’s a fact that legacy system challenges are one of the biggest challenges to digital transformation.

Benefits of digital transformation

We all know that digital transformation is revolutionising the world of business and its advantages are vast.    Not only is digital marketing more cost effective than traditional marketing – it’s quantifiable.

To conclude, the actual cost if you don’t go digital in business should not underestimated.  Failing to do so could cost you your business.