Edith Bryant December 12, 2018

An anniversary with your other half — whether its 1 year or 12 years, should always be a celebration. And trying to figure out fun things to do is half the fun.

To help you out, we’ve created a list of activities that are simple, more involved, fun, romantic, and classic.

1. Take in Some Culture

A night at the theater, a museum, the opera – with some champagne and you are on to a winner (splurge for a night)!

2. Head Back to the Place Where You First Met

A restaurant, bar or the beach, head back to the place where you two first met and relive the moment when it all first started.

3. Get a Room Somewhere

What says romance like spending the night at a hotel in the city, or a quaint Bed and Breakfast in the country? Make sure you have the rose petals to hand.

4. Make it a NY Party Bus

If you’re the type of couple who love the party get on board NY Party Bus and spend it dancing the night away.

5. Head on a Road Trip

Jump in the car, pick a town, a city, or cool destination and find accommodations once you arrive.

6. Pamper Yourselves

If you are constantly working or just don’t have much time for a pamper session, there’s no better way to unwind than a relaxing day or night at the spa. Book a couples’’ massages or get your own treatments, and meet up after for a romantic dinner.

7. See a Band in Concert

Even if the concert doesn’t fall on the exact anniversary date, get yourselves tickets, and spend the night singing and dancing to a band you both love.

8. Volunteer Together

If you both love helping others why not head to your local soup kitchen or another volunteering gig, and spend your day together helping those in need. Best of all – you will both feel good about sharing the love,

9. Head to a Theme Park

Get your adrenaline pumping by heading to a theme park, and relive your teenage years. .

10. Boat Trip

Find a boat trip that offers cocktails, while cruising around the city – taking in the sights and making memories with your loved one.

11. Take a Cooking Class

Learn to make a signature dish whilst teaming up together in the kitchen – you can impress your friends with a dinner party later on.

  1. Spend the Night at a Comedy Club

Head to a comedy show for a night of non-stop laughing.

13. Game Night

Add a little friendly competition to your night by getting the board games out. Keep it exciting and decide what happens when you win and vice-versa.

14. Plan a Romantic Picnic for Two

Find a romantic spot in a park, or your garden, pack a picnic with your favorite food and drink and spend the night under the stars.

Who said romance is dead? You can even make it a surprise anniversary date.

Happy planning :)..!