Kirk Barney April 12, 2019

With the emergence of efficient energy lights, the usage of halogen bulbs is getting faded gradually. And why not? Everyone wants to save a significant amount of energy so that it can cut down electricity bills. In addition to that, these energy efficient lights are also less harmful to nature compared to those halogen lights. They are eco-friendly. So, it will be good for our pocket as well as our nature if we opt for the energy efficient lights. To further solidify our statements, we would like to present you with some benefits of energy efficient lighting. In case, if you are looking for those lights, you can look up to Electrical Showroom discount codes.


Two types of energy efficient lighting named LED and CFL. Compared to the incandescent bulbs, CFL is quite more efficient. One of the finest aspects of these bulbs is that they can last up to 10000 hours, which is almost ten times more than the incandescent lights. Now, that is a huge difference! And if you want to enhance the efficiency further, you can look up to LED bulbs. Want to know how long can an LED light last? Well, its whopping 100000 hours. That implies the fact that you can turn on your LED lights for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and for almost 11 years. Another fascinating fact about LED lights is that it helps to save a massive amount of electricity bills, cutting it down by nearly 90%.

It provides lower greenhouse emission

We have already discussed that energy efficient lighting is good for nature compared to those incandescent bulbs. They provide lower greenhouse emission, which is good for our Mother Earth for the long run. Now, we are going to give you a captivating fact about this matter. If you replace each incandescent bulb with an energy efficient light bulb, it will reduce a massive amount of CO2 emissions, almost by a half a ton. So, it is visible to you that, if you opt for energy efficient lightings, it will be beneficial for the health of nature.

It saves electricity

While, you are opting for energy efficient bulb you have to keep in mind that it will cost you a bit more, compared to those halogen or incandescent bulbs. But it will save a healthy amount of your money in the long run. Also, it will be considered a one-time investment, which is going to stay with you for a long time. The reason, why these energy efficient lightings will save a good amount of electricity is that they consume low units of electricity. Apart from all these, they will last longer, compared to other lightings.

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They are versatile

Another benefit that energy efficient lighting has to offer is that they are pretty versatile by nature. For that reason, it will be considered the right decision if you replace all your incandescent lights with energy efficient lights. Recently, even the CFL bulbs are getting crafted in such a way that they are compatible with dimmer switches as well as with 3-way lamps. So, the versatility of the energy efficient lightings is another significant reason to choose the above incandescent lights.

More durable

We have already mentioned several times that these energy efficient lightings are far more durable than those incandescent bulbs. Especially the LED lights. They are tailored so precisely that they can go through the stress, which they may have to suffer from jarring or bumping. The best part about the LED bulbs is that there is no filament present in those bulbs and for that reason; they don’t break easily like those incandescent bulbs. So, if you want your lightings to stay longer with you, it is the time when you must opt for the energy efficient lightings.

You can switch on those lights instantly

Majority of the incandescent lamps are not capable of delivering the full brightness, instantly when you switch them on. They will take a bit of time before reaching their final brightness. But, on the other hand, energy efficient lightings will offer you with 100% brightness instantly, when you switch them on. Also, you don’t have to face the re-strike delay if you are using an energy efficient light.

So, these are the benefits of energy efficient lightings. They will assist you to save money and also are environmentally friendly. Besides, they are durable and last long. Hence, one must go for these energy efficient lightings without any second thought.