Edith Bryant April 12, 2019

1337xtorrent is a website that provides an index of torrent files. It`s like a Google of torrent files. But recent crackdown of the torrent search engine in several countries has made it harder for torrent file users. Even normal downloading using peer to peer protocol is not possible due to the blocking of search sites such as 1337x.Such sites allow you to download a load of files of movies, games, music or anime. Anything on earth you want to download 1337x torrent has it. After you search you get a magnet link, open it with a torrenting client like uTorrent or bit Torrent.  In 2007 1337x was founded and with time it gained immense popularity. You would not find this site through Google as it was removed from this search engine in 2015. If you cannot access 1337x, then your country or ISP have blocked it. Many western countries like USA, Canada, UK, and Australia have blocked it. According to internet protocol, no one sells or use the licensed product without buying or taking permission from the concerned company, to stop unauthorized and pirating search engines like 1337x have been blocked by many countries.

How to unblock

AS 1337x is blocked by your country you are looking for proxy sites but they are not effective, instead only confuse you. In hacker`s phraseology 1337xmeans to “leech.” Computer buffs used to drift in different bulletin board system (BBS) and these platforms they used to discuss various topics including large and heavy file sharing.1337x torrent follows BitTorrent protocol, indexing various files and their magnet links for P2P file sharing. It is an open website that is anyone can have access to it. If it is blocked, you can gain access to it by 1337x proxy VPNs.VPNs are a virtual private network which allows you to connect to a private network through public network and share files. It is like creating a coded and secure tunnel between your computer and the remote server. As the data is coded anyone who intercepts it first has to decode it and most important your trail is masked, and no one knows which websites you visited.

Wider options

Using a VPN is the only option if you want the files from 1337x websites.1337x is constantly upgrading its home page and enhancing search capabilities to be more user friendly.1337x have exclusive torrent files that are not available in any other sites.The site have many advantages like faster download in slow internet, saving time and peer to peer distribution.