Jean Morgan June 16, 2018

The world of vaporizers becomes more varied and vast with every passing day. Companies never cease to design new models and implement new features, and of course everyone is always down for smaller and smaller formats. There are tons of great health benefits that people could experience after transitioning from smoking to vaporizing, but a lot of people vape purely because of the simplicity and convenience. After all, there are some pretty potent concentrates being concocted nowadays which can be easily vaped with small, pen-like devices. An herb vaporizer, however, is a whole other experience of flavor and of course produces a much different high. Different strains have different ratios of various cannabinoids and concentrates tend to be very THC-concentrated with few others to interact with. For people looking to have a very personalized vaping session, an herb vaporizer is key since most concentrate solutions are made tailored to specific formulas. If you’re content medicating throughout your day with a concentrate vape pen, you might be interested to get a desktop herb vaporizer to keep at home for an occasional treat.

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    Flower Pot

    This thing is a wonderful hybrid of a classic look fused with modern technology. It resembles a regular glass bong that’s commonly used for ‘dabbing’ concentrates, except there is no nail to heat up. Instead, you can pack yourself a bowl and then place a neat gadget on top of the bowl. An electrically powered e-nail which heats your bud to a perfect temperature for vaporization, plus you get the added filtration from the water in the bong. The star feature for this beauty is the fact that you can simultaneously vape concentrates on the top side of the e-nail while it vapes your bud underneath it. This is definitely the best way to indulge in impeccable flavor.


    The Volcano is an industry giant that has been around for almost twenty years, and has cultivated a legendary reputation throughout its whole existence. German engineering is commonly praised for a reason, and Storz and Bickel live up the standard. This is just about the highest quality performance you can get from an herb vaporizer, but if it’s a bit too far out of your budget, you might want to consider Arizer’s Extreme Q instead.