Clare Louise July 4, 2018

If you’re a frequent traveller you’ll know that moving from one place to another can be quite tiring, and it can also be quite stressful too. The good news is the tips you’ll find below can help you to make your whole vacation a lot more fun. So, book your french riviera rentals, sort out your flights, and get ready to have a great time!

Before you Leave…

– Scan your Documents

One of the most important things you can do for yourself before jetting off on vacation is to scan all of your documents. Scan your passport, travel insurance information, your ID card and your itinerary. Once you’ve scanned everything you should then email it to yourself so you always have a copy. This can prove to be invaluable if your passport, for example, gets lost or stolen.

– Mark your Luggage as ‘Fragile’

– Get a ‘Fragile’ sticker and place it on your suitcase, regardless of whether you have packed anything fragile. A suitcase with this sticker on it will be treated a lot better by those who handle luggage. What’s more is fragile luggage also tends to be placed on the very top of the luggage pile, which means it should be one of the first suitcases to be loaded on the airport’s luggage belt.

While you’re Travelling…

– Have a water bottle with you

I always take a bottle of water with me as the airline I fly with tends not to offer me a drink as often as I would like.  Take a water bottle with you, and top it up every time someone comes round with drinks. Having water with you can also make your travels a lot more comfortable, as you’ll have access to it when you need it.

When it comes to actually drinking the water, make sure you sip rather than gulp it down. If you drink the water too quickly your body will not have the chance to absorb it, and it will run right through you. Rather, you should sip the water slowly, taking your time to drink it. This will ensure that you don’t need to visit the bathroom quite so often, but it’ll also keep you hydrated too.

– Pay for WiFi

While you may have little desire to pay for WiFi while you’re travelling, it could be something of a lifesaver. Let’s imagine that you’re stuck on a plane for 8 hours, who are you going to talk to, and what are you going to do? There’s only so much conversation you can have with your fellow passengers. Pay for WiFi and get online when you want to. Update your social media accounts, check your emails, and play a few games. Time won’t pass quite as slowly if you have internet access.

When you Land…

– Head to Baggage Claim

Many people don’t head straight to baggage claim, they’re more interested in stretching their legs, however, this is a mistake. Let everyone else slowly make their way around the airport while you head to baggage claim. Remember, if your luggage is marked ‘Fragile’ it should be one of the first pieces on the conveyor belt.

– Head to one of the Stores

Before you decide to head to your hotel, you may want to think about picking up some more water and a few snacks. If you buy a few bits from the airport, chances are you’re going to save yourself a bit of money before you get to your destination.  It also means that you have a bite to eat when you reach your destination and you won’t have to rush out to a restaurant to get something to eat.

Once you’ve Arrived

– Eat Locally

Try to avoid those global fast food companies, and instead dine in local restaurants and cafés. Not only will you have the chance to enjoy a few new dishes, but you know the money you spend will go directly into the local economy.

– Speak the Language

Not only is learning a new language fun but speaking a few words of the language can work wonders. People appreciate it when visitors to their country make the effort to learn a few words of their language. Not only will speaking the local tongue help you to make your way around, but it will also put other people at ease.

– Dress as the Locals do

If the locals tend to dress modestly, you should too. While some people in some parts of the world may cover up a little more than you might, you should get used to dressing modestly while you’re on vacation. Not only will this make the locals more comfortable, but it could also make you a lot safer too. Respect local customs, and be aware that the only place you can show more flesh is the room you’re staying in. Be respectful, and you shouldn’t have any problems.

As you can see, there are a few things you can do to make your vacation easier from the moment you pack your suitcase to the moment you arrive at your destination. Oh, and don’t forget, once you arrive home you should unpack your suitcase and wash your dirty laundry, you may not feel like doing it, but you’ll be pleased once it’s done. All of these tips should make your vacation a little easier, so you arrive at your destination less stressed, and more relaxed.