Paul Petersen August 10, 2020


Banking management is one of the keys to making good bets combined: one of the best ways to lose money is to mix everything and lose control of amounts, results, etc.

Use bonuses and bundled betting promotions

In practically all bookmakers on the market there are special promotions to make combined bets -one free combination if you make another, one combined without risk, refund if you fail a combined one for a single result and in practically all bookmakers the Bonuses Welcome sbobet888 bets are also compatible with combination bets.

On the other hand, on the occasion of some specific events, many houses also take special promotions for combined. If you want to be aware of all of them so as not to miss any opportunity, follow us on social networks, especially on our Twitter channel, to be promptly informed of all the specific promotions in combis -and others that may interest you of the houses that operate in Spain.

Bet amounts and banking separation

A very smart tactic, and one that we recommend to anyone who wants to carry out a fairly professional gambling activity, is that which refers to banking or banking management.

  • Banking is, simply, banking, the money that you allocate to bets and that, as you already know, must be fixed for periods. You must set a weekly, monthly or quarterly maximum and stick to it. Logically, this money you bet must be money that you can afford to lose in its entirety, not only in part. That is, if you allocate € 100 a week to your bets, you must be aware that this money could be completely lost; you cannot just wait, you will only lose part and ‘risk’ your good luck. If losing all that money is a problem, reduce your investment to the exact amount that you can lose without problems again and again. Betting is a long-distance race and, in addition to learning how to do your best, it is important not to lose your cool when streaks come. Good players are seen in those moments.

Last Words

Banking management basically consists of control strategies for your bets through control of what is invested in them. For example, separate the amounts you spend on single bets from the amounts you will put on combined bets. We have taken this system to the extreme and we make our single bets in one bookmaker and the multiple bets in another. In this way, we always know what our results are in both types of bets, because we always make them in the same house, in which we do not make any other type of bets. Believe us: a quick and easy way to lose control over your bets is to mix it all up and make all kinds of bets in various houses, without keeping track of your expenses, types of bets and results. Not a good idea, you end up losing money. The more you control your bets, the more adjustments and improvements you can make to them to make them better and better and win more.