Edith Bryant August 10, 2020

Let’s imagine that it is a match between Nadal and Federer. It is a Roland Garros final, and there will be a lot of money on the market. Surely for more money you want to play, it will be difficult for your bet to drastically unbalance the percentage of money in each result. So the bookmaker doesn’t care how much money and who you bet on. You can bet for example 1000 euros on any of the results, that if your house is one of the big ones, surely it will not put you in trouble.

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The Right Market

If the market in which you bet is liquid and wide, there are usually no serious restrictions. But if it isn’t.

  • However, consider this other situation. Imagine a first round of the Godó Trophy, a tennis tournament held in Spain. The match is played between players who are beyond 100 in the ATP ranking. Our bookmaker knows that they usually do not move more than 500 euros in this type of match in their sportsbook, 250 to each result. So if you put your 1000 euros here, you are going to distort this market.
  • The bet188 sportsbook knows that it will be difficult for you to get enough money from other bettors to balance your position. Therefore, in all probability, it will limit you. It is not that she does not want you to bet 1000 euros: it is that for her this market is very small. So the bookie doesn’t support these volumes of money in this particular situation.
  • This is what is called a market limitation. It happens when the sporting event is narrow, illiquid and with few bettors. It is a limitation that makes sense. If you want to avoid this restriction, look for broader and more liquid markets. Or participate in larger bookmakers, with broader markets. You have no other choice.

Use of mathematical methods

Large profits

In the first case, it may happen that the bookmaker has on its blacklist the IP address of the computer from which you place your bets online. The reasons may be different. Since they suspect a threat or that someone from that IP in the past has caused them problems. If you think the limitation may come out there, you could try using a VPN or secure gateway to mask your address. It requires some computer skills, but it is not complicated. This is a questionable restriction, but it could be considered acceptable in some cases.

But what is inadmissible

The second reason is no longer receipt. One of the reasons for a limitation is suspected to be the use of mathematical methods to determine how much money to bet. Strategies such as arbitrations, or Kelly’s criteria in selecting stakes produce anomalous stakes values, with money figures that do not follow round numbers. There are strong suspicions that bookmakers algorithmically track these values, and place limits on users who use these advanced methods.