Clare Louise April 18, 2019

New concept coming from the Australia, more precisely here, the coworking spaces has crossed the borders of the city and the country. Simple, inexpensive and convenient, these shared offices are now in many countries. With these workspaces, many entrepreneurs, auto-entrepreneurs and other freelance workers can benefit from an office with the entire necessary infrastructure to work, make a meeting, and organize an interview.

However, much more than just a rental office, a coworking space is also a place of conviviality, meetings and sharing. The main objective of such a space remains nevertheless to be able to accommodate in the best conditions and to offer the best possible services and infrastructures to atypical workers,coworkers. With any of the co-working spaces are cheap the details are important now.

Origins and definition of a coworking space

A real place mixing formal and informal work space, coworking is born from the free spirit of the internet and free software. The sharing of knowledge, collaborative spirit, agile method, openness and encounters and discoveries remain the basic characteristics of a coworking space. Born in 2005 close to the headquarters of many Internet giants like Google and Facebook, the concept has quickly seduced the world. Today, there are thousands of coworking spaces on all continents. Thanks to them, they finished the work alone in his corner.

These shared offices welcome freelancers, start-ups and small businesses wishing to rent an office equipped for a few hours, days or months at a price often low. Yet, a coworking space cannot be reduced to just renting offices. Indeed, a true global movement, coworking can be defined as an innovative workspace based on collaboration. The coworker finds many benefits including the ability to reduce operating costs create a community and share resources very easily.


Often created in associative form, these spaces are founded by a group of people wishing to marry the social and friendly function of coffee and the studious one of a workspace. The main function of coworking is to welcome independent workers, also known as coworkers, regardless of their sector of activity. The majority of coworking is made up of large spaces and is more like large, modular open spaces than small offices. Throughout the year, each coworking organizes events, often related to computers and open to all.

Although the concept is clear to everyone who uses it, it may seem unclear to people who have never been to it, especially since every coworking is unique. Indeed, according to the orientations of the management and salaried team, the location of the space, its environment, its organizational and spatial specificities, the coworker and his project, each coworking is different from another.