Edith Bryant April 20, 2019

Technically, a gaming mouse and a standard one do not differ much. However, the gaming mouse has more precision. Also, the ergonomic design differs from that in an ordinary PC mouse. Generally, when shopping for a gamer’s mouse, some features help in choosing the most ideal. Dots per inch or DPI, a measure of sensitivity is one of these. A high DPI means the mouse moves more with that a little movement of a user’s hand. Gamers check for programmable buttons too as these help in accessing desired functions quickly.

When other mice brands struggle with the dilemma of incorporating controls, the Roccat Kone XTD achieves this excellently. With the support of robust software, a cable wrapped in braided mesh and an outlined logo, one needs little to no convincing to acquire this device.

Kone XTD – clickable buttons, easy on thumb and fingers

The Roccat Kone XTD was specifically designed for users with large hands. A thick grove plus a full profile ensures that one’s thumb and two fingers can grip and comfortably use the mouse. Besides, the manufacturers have generously provided 12 programmable buttons. Despite having many such buttons to press, a user does not have to use all of them. Either way, depressing the buttons is smooth while the scroll wheel is also clickable. One can make a right or left click on the scroll wheel activate or deactivate the desired commands. Thumb buttons do stand out in their size, spacing, and texture. As a bonus, there is a Windows key located just above the scroll wheel.

Easy installation with a wide array of settings

Just as is the typical case with every Roccat mouse, the Kone XTD software is easy to install and acclimatize. From the different tabs that appear on a user’s screen, one can choose and adjust their preferred settings for lighting, sensitivity and so on. Interestingly, the Roccat Kone XTD mouse software has a DPI range of between 100 to 8,200. Also, users have a choice of up to four lighting options. The software comes with more goodies in the form of a profile set up. A user has got up to five profiles with one being on Windows that can also act as the default.

Illumination – two strips, four layers of customizable light

Since gamers and lighting are united, the Kone XTD has covered this feature so well. On the device’s peripheral are two strips running along the edge of the mouse. Each of these strips contains two layers of light. A user is free to customize their preferred colors and get creative while at it. Any configuration would be welcome depending on the mood of the game. However, despite there being not a broad array of colors, mono colors are usually the best.

Downsides – just a few and they do not water-down user experience

There are a few downsides to the Roccat Kone XTD. First, the design only favors right-handed users plus the voice feedback can be a nuisance. Second, the mouse comes in the wired variant; there are no wireless Kone XTD mice yet. Third, before the settings can take effect, a user must wait for at least 28 seconds. Fourth, to access the drivers, one needs to download them from the manufacturer’s website. Despite these drawbacks, the mouse looks and feels expensive to own. The luxurious design provides a comfortable user experience.


The Roccat Kone XTD features shout out for any gamer worth their salt. The vast array of programmable buttons is a testament to its performance. Also, one does not struggle with the installation software. Besides, gamers with large hands will feel comfortable handling the device. With four layers of illumination, the manufacturers have not left out the lighting aspect. However, left-handed gamers would feel a little disappointed, but after they get the hang of it, everything falls in place. For an in-depth review on one of the best gaming mice, be sure to check out roccat kone aimo review.