Edith Bryant June 29, 2021

The mountains, which you hadn’t visited can be better than the mountains you’ve been tour. It is a kind of known knowledge. What does undoubtedly come to mind when people think about mountains? Sure, it is Colorado, the state with the highest average elevation.

If you would like to spend your weekend in interesting and unforgettable way, go to Denver, Colorado’s capital, and combine being in the fresh air with visiting new incredible destinations. Enjoy the place with numerous parks and museums and then go outside the city to visit outstanding Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater, which is considered to be one of the most incredible outdoor concert spots in the U.S.

Denver Destinations

Denver and its neighborhoods are famous for places where the plains meet the mountains. Weekend getaways from Denver could be an unforgettable experience both for skilled travelers and for beginners. If you like hiking, let’s go to visit Mount Evans (14,266 feet).

You will see the breathtaking panoramic views of distant mountain peaks, alpine lakes, and the valley below from the very top. Moreover, the variety of wildlife will definitely spice up your trip. At these elevations, there is a unique possibility to meet with mountain goats, bighorn sheep, marmots, and pika.

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