Jean Morgan July 16, 2021

Summer is approaching inexorably and the warm months are just around the corner. Time to do something for your outdoor area! After work, you usually come home exhausted, want to enjoy the last rays of sunshine of the day and maybe review the day with a glass of red wine. This red wine can of course be best enjoyed on a beautifully designed terrace or porch. But what is the difference between a terrace and a front porch? And what exactly do I have to pay attention to when designing? We’ll go into these questions in more detail!

Terrace And Porch: What’s The Difference?

Before we give you tips on design, we would like to explain to you in principle what the difference is between a terrace and a porch. The terrace is, as the origin of the name suggests (lat. “Terra” for floor) in the ground or earth area. It is defined as: “a paved platform at ground level that connects to a building”. The porch has a lot in common with the terrace. If a terrace is covered and narrower, it can also be called a porch. Another difference to the terrace is that a porch is usually used to receive visitors and to chat with them on the porch. The porch also has the function of protecting the entrance area from the weather. Now let us see at the front porch decorating ideas.

Beautifying the Terrace or Porch: Planning

So that your joy for the summer is not spoiled by anything, a few preliminary considerations are necessary when planning. First of all, you should devote your first thoughts to the purpose of the terrace. Should it be used mainly for sunbathing or rather for barbecues and family celebrations? No matter which functionality you prefer, you should definitely adapt the terrace design to that. You should definitely consider a large dining table, a parasol or a grill when planning.

Beautify Your Patio Or Porch: It’s That Easy!

In the hot summer months, many of us move our lives outside. The terrace not only serves as an ideal refuge from the stressful and grueling everyday life, it can also be used to celebrate barbecues with friends or acquaintances. When designing the terrace, you should primarily ensure that the architecture adapts harmoniously to that of the interior. In order to make a social get-together as pleasant as possible, you of course also need the right patio furniture and decorations. Only the right garden furniture and beautiful lighting can effectively set your garden in scene and turn a simple seat into a real oasis of wellbeing. Both the furniture and the decoration should be just as consistent as the equipment in the rest of the house. With Foyr Neo the deals are really perfect.

Privacy Protection for Your Porch

There are certain things that the terraces simply cannot do without. A privacy screen is one of them! In order to be able to relax completely undisturbed on the terrace or porch, it is necessary to equip them with a privacy screen. Strategically placed privacy screens, planted trellises or even tall plants increase the feeling of security and offer a visual delimitation of the terrace.