Robert McDonald August 16, 2019

Bug infestation can cause a lot of damage to your property. Pests such as carpenter ants destroy roofing structures and might cost you a lot of money. Apart from the extermination cost, bugs reduce the value of your property significantly. If you are looking into selling your property or renting it out, you should consider removing all the bugs finding a haven in the home.

You can reach out to a top rated extermination company or expert for assistance with pest infestation. This article informs you about the impact of pest infestation on your property value. 

How pest infestation affects the overall value of your property 

1. Roof damage

Pests such as termites and carpenter ants live on wood. If you have a wooden roof, then you risk bringing it down for repairs. When carpenter ants infest your roofing structure, they feed on it weakening it. Termites make holes in the wooden roof structure to establish their nest. Some breeds also feed on wooden window- and door-frames. You might be forced to replace the rotten wood structure in the house if you do not get rid of these bugs immediately. 

2. Destruction of the attic

Pest infestation in the attic can be dangerous and costly. When bugs such as mice infest the attic, they can destroy the wiring system of the whole house. The rodents feed on wire insulators, putting you to the risk of fire. It costs you a lot of money to repair the whole wiring system and ensure your home property is in a good state.

3. Damage on the house foundation

Trust me. Pest infestation in your building may bring your building down. When termites feed on inner walls and the house’s base, the stability of the house frame is weakened. If no immediate extermination of the bugs is carried out, the building value depreciates significantly. 

 4. Asked for reduced house price

In the UK, pest infestation in your house can reduce your property value by up to 6%. If you get a potential buyer for your property, they are likely to demand a lower price for your property once it is infested. They will need significant resources for  exterminating the pests from the building. Pests such as bedbugs are known to scare away potential buyers. You have to hire an IPM professional to inspect your property and remove all the pests before you advertise it for sale. This process costs a lot of money.


If you are looking into selling your property, you have to ensure it is free from any pest infestation. Most realtors will advise their clients not to buy a house infested with pests. You can reach out to an experienced pest exterminator in your region to help you remove all the pest in the property before you are going to sell it. 

Get some tips and hacks for dealing with common pests in the house such as rodents, termites, ants, and woodworms to reduce the damage they cause on your property. Preventing pest infestation in your property will maintain the property’s value and reduce your annual repair expenditures.