Kirk Barney August 17, 2019

Motorcycle helmets have been a problem for designers since their inception, mainly because of all the factors they have to balance. Today’s helmets do a great job of weighing the pros and cons of various approaches to protection, comfort, and field of vision, but there are very few models out there that work for everyone, if there are any. One of the best ways to make sure you have the best helmet for your riding style, shape, and temperament is by checking out innovations as they hit the market. That’s why you need to know about pinlock visor systems before the next time you shop for motorcycle helmets online.

What Pinlock Systems Do

The system is used by almost a dozen manufacturers, but it is named after the one company supplying them all. The idea is simple: just as windows provide better insulation without fogging when they are double-paned, a visor will resist fogging and provide better thermal protection when there is a buffer of air between an inner and outer face shield. Pinlock-enabled helmets have a special pin mechanism for adding the inserts, allowing you to prepare for days when fogging is likely to be an issue, and you can find them wherever you shop for motorcycle riding gear online.

Why Pinlock Systems Reduce Fog

Just creating a thermal buffer between the inside and outside visor isn’t enough to prevent fogging under extreme riding conditions, which is why it’s not the only thing these inserts incorporate. They also use state of the art hydrophilic tech to discourage fog formation, as well as options for tint that let you prepare for any level of light on your next ride. The best part is you can choose your protection level according to the intensity of your riding habits, with three options for riders of any level.

  • Pinlock 30: Basic protection that discourages fog formation under most riding circumstances
  • Pinlock 70: Advanced protection for riding when the weather is uncooperative and temperatures could vary during a ride
  • Pinlock 120: Professonial-level protection to keep your line of sight clear under even the most trying conditions

The Pinlock system is getting so popular you can find it practically anyplace you find UTV riding gear and accessories, and it’s likely your favorite helmet manufacturer either offers Pinlock-ready models or has some on the way.

Get Your Gear in One Place

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