Robert McDonald December 14, 2019

Once you have determined the bet height, you will always see this clearly visible. You usually see your total bet height at the bottom of the reels. It is advisable to take a good look at this.

Bet level – You often get the option to adjust the bet level. By default this is on level 1 and a level 2 means that your total bet will be doubled, but also the payouts will be doubled. Especially with the classic slots, it may be advisable to take a good look at the bet level and the corresponding pay table. With bet level 3 you often see a relatively much higher top prize.

Paylines – You can often choose to determine how many paylines you wish to play with. Fewer paylines therefore automatically means a lower total bet, but also a smaller chance of winning. In addition, playing with a small number of paylines means that you activate extra game features less often.

RNG (Random Number Generator)

Casino slots are known for having no possibility as a player to increase the course of the game and therefore the chance of winning. This may seem strange, since playing with more win lines and / or a higher bet quickly means that you have made earlier wins. However, all casino slots work with a so-called “random number generator” system. This means that the moment a player lets the reels spin by clicking on Spin, the computer (the RNG system) already determines what the outcome will be. There are millions of possible combinations and every time the system picks out a random outcome. It therefore makes absolutely no difference which symbol positions a game round has fallen for.

Free Spins

Of course, the random number system is a bit more complex than explained above, since a certain average percentage must also be paid out. With most slots you as a player can count on a payout percentage of around 97 percent. With the judi slot online you can find the best options.


The chance to achieve great winnings with casino slots is always a real possibility. This is of course mainly due to the high payout percentage. Visit a casino or gaming hall and you will not have to count on this high percentage. If about 80% of all real money bets are paid out there, you may already be happy. This big difference has everything to do with the cost recovery. Online slots providers have many times less costs than a casino or arcade with staff and others high costs. However, for the time being you will also have to deal with online video slots with the fact that no gambling tax is withheld. With winnings above 450 euros, you will have to submit a declaration of chance tax. Please note: this is the net profit.