Edith Bryant December 12, 2019

Even the spectators no longer avoid the eyes of the organizers. They should not dress (necessarily) in white, but they are not allowed to access improperly dressed persons. On another subject and on a positive note, this year will be marked the first edition, in which we will have two grounds covered by Wimbledon. And to see that the British are no longer as conservative when it comes to certain aspects of the game, the 2019 tournament will also mark the first edition in which we will have the tiebreak in deciding if both players reach 12 games. While being in the 토토사이트 sites you can get the best choices now.

Special bets at Wimbledon

Grass is not the favorite surface of the Romans. Well, as we rely on both schemes, we can say that the grass is not beneficial for Halep, it is the only conation with real chances at any Grand Slam tournament. He has semifinals in 2014, but after that he did not pass the quarter-finals. In 2018, he lost to Hsieh (Taipei) in round three, scoring 6-3, 4-6, 5-7.

But can Simone feel on the grass in London, in the context in which the Great specialists on this surface do not come in a better shape? Beta does not offer a 100% rate for Halep to win the tournament without losing the set. Utopic, okay, but should I risk a bit? Serena comes to Wimbledon with 7 utils in the record and plays in the final of the last three editions. However, 2019 is a disappointing season for the Americans, who have not even managed to reach the semifinals in either of the two major Slem tournaments so far. Beta doesn’t offer part 2 for Simone to get a better score in Wimbledon than a 37-year-old athlete.

Types of ante bet

Maybe, long sets will not be decisive for us, and such games as Isner-Mahut, score 70-68 in set 5, will not be repeated (more than 11 hours of play, the longest match in history), but the number of aces remains on the market, which will always be trying to “over” if we want to make the day ticket to bets. Especially when it comes to the number of points earned directly from the service in a single game. 

  • Last year, the same John Isner himself served 64 aces in a 5-set match, without any extension, won against the Belgian Ruben Bemelman. The line offered by Betano is at 70.5 aces, which is easy to overcome if any of Isner, Raonic, Anderson, Karlovic or even Opelka enter the 4-5 set matches. Not to mention the possible direct collisions. Last year there were 102 aces against Anderson-Isner, but we are talking about a match that ended with a 26-24 decisive. 

This situation will not be possible in 2019. But this is not a panic, as there will be enough parties that will expand sufficiently in the ranking no. We can even see your first Break in Wimbledon decisively.