Clare Louise July 11, 2019

If you are concerned that the lawyer is not qualitative, we recommend that you discuss with a specialist or family violence attorney to help you know your options. You may be addressing another attorney, if you have this opportunity, to get an opinion. Another lawyer or lawyer can help you formulate the questions you ask your lawyer to better understand this strategy.

Chat with the Lawyer

Talk to your lawyer about your concerns. He has to argue his decisions on your case. If you do not like the decisions or think the strategy is bad, you can explain where you see the problem in the strategy you choose.

If you remain unhappy with the services provided by a lawyer, you can hire another lawyer. If you opt for this solution, make sure you get all the copies on your file from your first lawyer, so that the second lawyer has all the materials you need to represent yourself. You can consult with the one of the best divorce solicitors like Mesa divorce attorney regarding this matter.

In Case of Wrongdoing

If you think the lawyer has wronged you, you can lodge a complaint with his lawyer in order to take action against him / her.

What if I cannot get a lawyer? How do I represent myself?

If you cannot hire a lawyer and you are not granted a lawyer on the basis of state-guaranteed legal aid, you can represent yourself in the court.

If you were disappointed with the justice system

There is nothing more frustrating than feeling that the lawyer or judge does not exercise his or her duties appropriately in your case. Sometimes you feel that the judge or lawyer does not pay enough attention to your case, or does not believe that acts of violence in your family require that you issue an order for protection, divorce, or the domicile of your children. It can also be frustrating when you cannot afford the services of a lawyer, and your local legal aid organization has denied you.

In the current economic and social context, consulting a lawyer should be a habit, and therefore the choice of the lawyer is a very important issue in avoiding or successfully solving the legal issues that you can strike.

In an ideal situation, as in the case of a doctor you go to consultations periodically, not just when a serious health problem occurs, and in the case of a lawyer, it is good to have him at the moments when you take certain legal decisions. Of course, in reality, this is not always the case, and in most cases it is appealing to a lawyer to “repair” an existing legal situation, rather than for a consultation to avoid the consequences of such a situation. And you often have to choose your lawyer under the pressure of time.

Choosing a lawyer is therefore a mission that is not easy at all, but not impossible, especially if you consider some important issues. You need to be careful enough.