Clare Louise July 18, 2019

If you are intrigued by video animations and find them fascinating and fun, you too can create animations using your laptop. Even if you do not have the technical skills to draw animations from scratch, you can still find ways for setting up a laptop for creating animations. All you need to do is spend some time researching and try to incorporate a few critical elements in your computer, and you are all set to try your hand in creating animations.

Whether you have an old laptop or you are looking to buy a brand-new one, if you want to create animations, you cannot do away with some specifications. If you are making a new purchase and are unaware of such requirements, it is a good idea to explain to the vendor that you intend to create animations on the laptop. The vendors will recommend you the computer with particular hardware and software specifications that you require to make and run animations. If you want flawless animation, you want to upgrade or buy a laptop with maximum hardware and software mobility.

To understand the settings of the laptop to run animations, you need first to have a basic understanding of animation tools and how they assist in the animation process. You can easily set up the laptops for creating animation by downloading the animation programs. Most online sites offer simple animation builders online to create simple animations for a few seconds. As a beginner, you can use your laptop to create animations by visiting these sites.

Animations come in two forms, i.e., two dimensional or 2d, and three dimensional or 3d. While 2D animations do not have a real depth of 3D, but they are fun to create and do not require powerful hardware configurations. If you have a suitable laptop, you can download some online software that helps you to create 2d animations. You do not have to be an artist to create the animations as you will find hundreds of templates that you can use to create the animation and render it to the video format. If you are not pursuing professional animations, setting up the animation software to create 2D animated videos is not that difficult.

3D animations require more specifications, especially when it comes to the hardware configuration as a slow system will make it challenging to render 3D animations without wasting hours. There are many popular 3D platforms that you can use as a beginner or at an expert level to create 3D animation videos. In a simple 3D animation, you build a rig, design key-frames, and adjust the objects and items. You can preview these animations before rendering it to create a complete video. In most laptop setting up the system for 3D animation is simple if you have the latest hardware with all software availability. You can install the free software application or pay a premium to buy the best 3D animation software to create basic animations. However, for more detail animations, you need to learn and build your skills to run the programs and create spectacular animations.

If you are an animation enthusiast, setting up a laptop for creating animations and drawings is not going to be challenging if you are looking for basic animations and learning how to work with these technologies. However, if you take this further and move for in-depth 3D animations and creating small clips and movies, you will have to interconnect several laptops, create a server, have powerful rendering machines to support your animations. However, for such, you need to have a professional level of understanding and qualification to create animations.