Kirk Barney October 27, 2017

Are you experiencing blurred vision, intense itching, and achy eyes? If you have already seen your doctor and determined that you don’t need glasses than getting outdoors might be the solution to your problem. New research has discovered that kids who spend more time outside versus inside will experience less cases of nearsightedness. According to an article, for every hour spent outdoors researchers discovered that the risk of nearsightedness in kids fell. Here you thought that the suns deadly ultra violet rays were bad for your vision? Scientist are not sure what causes cases of nearsightedness to lessen in kids who spend more time outside. Perhaps is the increased exposure to ultraviolet light or maybe the fact that your eyes are able to focus on far away objects versus those that are close when one is indoors. It is not known at this time why being outside is good for your eyes but it is worth taking a look into especially if you are suffering from the symptoms mentioned earlier. Truth is, between adults and kids, we are spending more time with our electronic devices which could explain while the sudden problems with our vision. According to an article, kids (and adults) are spending too much time indoors and not enough time outside. This phenomenon is not limited to one particular country in fact, myopia or nearsightedness, is on the increase in many countries around the world especially those countries where people spend more time indoors than outdoors.

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