Edith Bryant October 27, 2017

In the context of physical fitness, one of the hardest things to do is to lose weight. Even athletes and bodybuilders have a hard time in doing so which is why they turn to weight loss products for assistance. Some of these individuals are required to lose excess weight and fat in just a short period of time and most of the time, that window isn’t enough for them to totally achieve their weight goal. Excessive dieting and extreme workouts might do the job but it leaves the individual in a more weakened state as when he or she began his or her cutting cycle.

Incorporating weight loss supplements aid in the weight loss aspect while still maintaining the individual’s physical condition. One such popular supplement is Clenbuterol, a very effective thermogenic supplement that is used by a lot of people for weight loss and cutting cycles. Although Clenbuterol can be found in a lot of weight loss programs, it was banned for use in products intended for humans, which makes its status kind of hard to actually determine.

A very important question

Probably one of the most important questions one should ask if they plan on taking Clen is “is it legal?” Although banned for human usage, Clenbuterol isn’t considered a controlled substance and is therefore NOT considered illegal to purchase. But of course, different countries have different laws and what might be considered legal in one, is illegal in another which is why before purchasing, it is important to check the legal status of this supplement to avoid any problems.

Most of the time though, Clen is legal to purchase over the counter WITH a prescription, usually in veterinary clinics since they are usually used to treat horses, however they are not considered legal for human consumption since they aren’t accredited by the FDA for that specific purpose. Clenbuterol however still remains as one of the most popular supplements used by athletes and bodybuilders for their cutting cycles.

Cutting weight easily

Since cutting weight and losing excess fat is probably one of the most physically demanding things to do, more difficult than bulking, people, even athletes and bodybuilders usually have a hard time during cutting cycles… not anymore. Clenbuterol is a very effective thermogenic supplement that is used during cutting cycles to aid the individual in losing excess fat or weight, especially in the last stages. It basically works by increasing the individual’s core body temperature which in turn makes it easier for them to lose weight since they can metabolize faster.

One thing to think about before purchasing substances or supplements such as Clenbuterol is the difference between controlled substances and those that are not, which Clen falls into. Since Clenbuterol isn’t a controlled substance, it isn’t illegal to possess BUT it isn’t approved for human use which means you might have a hard time finding Clenbuterol in stores or pharmacies. For legal Clen, you need to find companies that sell the supplement in raw form or in bulk or you can always check the black market for it, just be sure to find a reputable seller to ensure that the product you’re getting is 100% legitimate.