Clare Louise March 2, 2021

Getting injured is the option connected with our lives not only during daily routine but when having a trip as well. Some people are fond of going to the sea or having voyages with their sweethearts and children. To be ready to meet with an emergency and cope with it successfully, special training is organized. Basic options can be gained with Erste Hilfe Kurs. The rest of the information can be found as a part of first aid for boaters. Although the life-saving options may differ, the basic information of erste hilfe kurs Ostbahnhof München is the same.

Main issues with managing treatment 

The first aid course for boaters is much more comprehensive than typical training. It contains additional information on how to run the situation on the water, sometimes with a minimum of tools. At sea aider deals with main issues: 

  • Lack of space (boats are too small to apply different tools, so quick acting is appreciated)
  • Nature conditions (bad weather can have a negative influence on the casualty, rolling sea causes problems not only with a ship but a person as well)
  • Long response (sometimes it happens to wait for hours, day, or even weeks for ambulance to arrive)

During the first aid training course some basic information is related to mentioned issues: applying help for choking, burns, fractures, diabetics, allergies, some common bugs, and sea creature bites.

The difference of the first aider at sea

The acting at sea may differ when giving first aid. Some options can be more complicated to distinguish but still important for life:

  • Appropriate handing a medical evacuation of the casualty
  • Burns are treated in the same way as on land
  • Taking pills and medications by the crew is important
  • Having personal first aid kit with needed medical supplies

Life-saving options appear to be the same on one hand but more complicated within first aid response.