Jean Morgan March 2, 2021

You have probably heard of VPN or maybe even used one, but you still don’t know why this is a very popular service outside of Brazil and still little known here?

In this article, we will explain what a Free VPN connection is, how a VPN works, and why you should think about having one in 2020.

What is VPN?

Let’s start with the basics, that is, the definition of VPN. The acronym means, in English, a “virtual private network” (Virtual Private Network), and this is a form of security software that protects your connection to the Internet.

This technology allows you to securely connect to a remote server anywhere in the world to send and receive data, thus adding a layer of security and privacy that does not exist on a normal internet connection.

Now you will probably ask yourself:

What is a VPN for? Should I use a VPN?

If you value the security of your data, yes. This is the main reason, but not the only one, for using a VPN connection today.

In a standard Internet connection, the IP address (a unique identification number for your computer, cell phone, tablet, etc.) is available to websites, hackers or anyone interested in your data. The address is assigned by your provider and all of your online activities can therefore be traced back to you.

  • The IP address is saved whenever you visit a website so that, when the website’s server identifies this individual information, your computer or smartphone is allowed to access the content. This can make you vulnerable to hackers and other potentially dangerous types, as there is an unobstructed path between the Internet and your device.
  • As a VPN connection adds an intermediate tunnel between your computer or smartphone or console and the game server, ping is usually a little lower in this case. VPN applications are not distributed in console software stores, but it is still possible to work around this limitation and maintain a secure connection by configuring the VPN directly on the Wi-Fi router, or create an ethernet connection between the video game and the computer. The double VPN works perfectly in this case.

For those who travel frequently and use Wi-Fi internet in public places, VPN becomes even more important. Imagine, for example, making a purchase with a credit card, sending personal images and entering passwords on Wi-Fi at the airport or hotel. These are cases where the VPN security layer can make a big difference.Search content with more privacy, without leaving traces even for Google or Bing itself.

How does a VPN work?

If you want to be anonymous and secure online, the recommendation is to choose a VPN with good ratings and, preferably, technically stable and fast. 

The vast majority have an easy-to-use application that you install on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Through the program, you can decide when you want to connect to a VPN server and, thus, browse more safely and anonymously.