Edith Bryant October 1, 2020

Many people ask how to write a good conclusion when writing their articles. This point is important as it helps to create an impression or convince the audience. The conclusion should provide the essay with a sense of completeness.

Transitional phrase

A good final paragraph in an essay should start with a transitional phrase. A transitional statement helps the reader distinguish between conclusions and main paragraphs. The transitional phrase should be clear. These phrases tell the reader that the essay is coming to an end.


Reviewing the main points and understanding how to write a good conclusion

The reasoned conclusion sets out the essence of the essay. The author should summarize the main arguments presented in the article. In this case, you should not rewrite the position statement in the final part.

You need to follow the rules for writing a good conclusion.

A good conclusion is to briefly discuss the main arguments. The author should summarize all the main points in the final. A good ending is to summarize the main arguments without introducing new ideas.

Impact on the reader

If the author wants to learn how to write the conclusion correctly, then you need to influence the mind of the reader. The last phrases of the last section should make the reader believe in the main arguments of the statements made in the essay.

How to write a good conclusion: sum up

The substantiated conclusion helps to determine the quality of the essay in the transmission of practical arguments and ideas. A good final paragraph should have a transitional statement that differentiates it from other sections of articles. The author should reformulate the main idea of the article. Each sentence should present the main arguments differently. You should focus on the ideas in the essay without introducing new concepts. A reasonable inference must influence the reader’s impression.

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