Deborah Patterson April 11, 2019

Some job seekers would send their job applications without paying attention to many crucial details. When hiring manager post job openings, they get numerous applications that need to be checked and tested. It can be incredibly tedious to go through a pile of job applications either on electronic devices or on paper.

Hiring managers works accurately in order to find successful candidates which can excel the available position. Whenever a job is posted, applicants send their resumes without following the regulation or position details, which makes their resumes less fortune and ignored instantly by recruiters. Not paying attention to most details and accurate job description requirements and qualifications makes you an unsuccessful candidate. Because they would have time to read the specific skills you mentioned in your resume if you did not follow the crucial regulations and requirements they hire for. Some mistakes made in applicant’s process can make you lose plenty of great opportunities in employment field.

Here are the killer mistakes applicants must avoid in their job applications:


  • Ignoring the instructions on the job posting application form


Job posting application forms instructions are crucial to follow. When hiring managers receive applications, which doesn’t match the instructions related to the job posting applications, this mistakes make recruiters and hiring manager ignore the resume instantly. Most recruiters wouldn’t spend more than 20 to 30 seconds proofreading the job application; if you fail the basic rule in job posting application then you’ll certainly not going to pass the first step. This doesn’t mean that hiring managers are mean or cruel, but not following the instructions means you lack attention to detail, because you didn’t read the job posting application form precisely.

  • Job seekers must be highly concentrated while reading the job posting instructions, requirements and qualifications.
  • Check famous online job websites like Joblang which posts plenty of great job opportunities. Before sending your resume and job posting application, make sure you read it twice before submitting it, taking extra time in reading and checking your job application would prevent mistakes which can make you lose the job opportunity.


  • Blank fields on the application


Revising and creating application forms take plenty of time. Hiring managers and human resources professionals spend a lot of time in creating and making sure that job applications forms are fully ready to be posted. They also put in mind the time it would take for applicants to fill it up. One of the worst mistakes which might cost you the job opportunity, is leaving blank fields on the job applications, it means less information about you. Other candidates with complete application forms would superior among other applicants because they filled all the fields professionally and made their application looks fully informed and detailed. Leaving blank fields in applications means that applicants filed it without paying attention to blanks and details, which make recruiters, throw away your job application immediately.  

  • Leaving blank fields in job posting applications is a killer mistake to do. This would help hiring managers to cut down the enormous numbers of job applications.
  • Visit joblang  which offers plenty of rewarding job positions. Make sure you don’t leave any field empty and re-read your job application twice before submitting.


  • Sending your application with Typos ( Grammatical and spelling mistakes)


Professional applications are always typos free. If you job posting application form includes grammatical and spelling mistakes then you’ll certainly look unprofessional. Before submitting your job application, make sure it doesn’t include typos, if you’re not sure that your language expertise can be relayed on, then use some help. Asking help from a language expert is not a bad idea , as well as using the help of online applications which can accurately check and auto-correct your mistakes .applicants with one or two typos can still have the chance , but many spelling and grammatical mistakes will  toss your application directly to garbage. You need to also put in mind that sensitive positions like government or language job cannot afford a single typo in your applications. Always check your application and use all the assessing tools in order to make sure that you look professional to hiring managers through your job applications.

  • If you don’t have a professional friend or colleague to help you proofread and correct your application, use the alternative auto-correction methods and tools which offers professional and trusted language support.
  • If you’re currently looking for a good job opportunity, check the latest jobs on Make sure you send you resume professionally and check if any typos occur before submitting the application form.

There are plenty of mistakes which need to be seriously aware of, but the above mistakes makes you lose the opportunity the moment hiring managers lay their eyes on. Paying attention to your job application makes you avoid killer mistakes which can cost you the job, taking extra time in checking and correcting your mistakes will make you successfully superior other candidates and applicants. Do not make you job application form one of the first ones discarded. It would take much effort to avoid these common job application mistakes, it will certainly help you keep your application from being ignored and thrown away by hiring managers and recruiters. Hiring managers gets very serious when it comes to compiling a list of finalists.