Deborah Patterson April 10, 2019

As we know that we are all surrounded by science and bounded by the natural forces. Natural forces are the result of the environment and are the result of the reaction of other forces found in nature.

The electromagnetic force is one such force that occurs due to the interaction between the charged particles. The electromagnetic force is considered as one of the fundamental forces and is the combination of electrical and magnetic forces that occur due to the interaction of charged particles found in nature. This force can be both attractive as well as repulsive.

The electromagnetic force is the binding force that holds atoms together in molecules, produces friction, and is the force that attracts iron to a magnet.

Coloumb’s law is one of the famous law that shows the measurement of the electromagnetic force between the charged particles q1 and q2 separated at a distance r in air/vacuum is given by.

[latex]F=\frac{1}{4\pi \epsilon_{0}}\frac{q_{1}q_{2}}{r^{2}}[/latex]


E0 = 8.85 X C2 N-1 m-2

F= Electromagnetic Force

Now, let us know about other forces that exist in nature!!

What Causes Objects To Rotate On Axis?

There exists a force that is responsible for balancing the objects. Torque is a measurable vector quantity that depends on the direction of the force on the axis. Torque is a force whose direction is constantly changing around an axis and is a force about an axis.

There exist two types of torques:

  1. Static torque
  2. Dynamic torque

Static torque does not produce an angular acceleration. Example: peddling the bicycle at a constant speed.

Dynamic torque produces an angular acceleration. Example: Moving of wheel along the track.

[latex]\tau = r \times F[/latex]

[latex]\tau = r \times F \sin \theta[/latex]

Torque Units is measured in N-m.

Note: Torque units of 1 N-m (Newton meter) when applied through a complete revolution of the object will need energy equal to 2π joules.

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