Deborah Patterson September 20, 2021

One importantcriticalaspectof finding a durable fence is by choosing a proper material.

Apart from providing you with a perfect exterior design, you will get other benefits, including security, low maintenance, and many more.

Finding a professional to help you with the process is another crucial consideration you should make.

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It does not matter whether you get wrought iron, chain link, or wooden because each one comes with specific advantages and disadvantages you should remember.

Different Fence Types You Can Find on the Market

  • Aluminum – One of the most attractive and basic options you can find is aluminum. That way, you will achieve a more robust sense of security, which is an important consideration to remember. At the same time, it is free of maintenance, which means you do not have to think about it like other materials. Of course, you should decorate and paint it every once in a while. Besides, it is not as strong as the other option.
  • Wood –One of the most popular options you can find is the wooden option, which will provide you the proper height, security, and attractiveness. It will present a welcoming and warm feeling to others, but you do not have to think about price tag similarly to others. Of course, the size and height will affect the final price. The more lumber you need for the process, the more expensive project will be. Similarly, hardwood floors can last for a lifetime of your household. They are also more challenging to install than others, which is why you should find fence companies to assist you out. Of course, factors such as quality and regular maintenance are essential for determining its durability.
  • PVC – The most affordable option for protecting your backyard is by using PVC material. They use PVC to replace pickets and wooden stakes, but you will not get a sturdy and practical option as wooden. They can go on top of wooden posts, which will offer you additional stability. Sometimes, you can attach them to the crossbars by using adhesive or fasten them with a screw. You can choose various colors and heights while getting a weather-resistant option that can stand the test of time.
  • Wrought Iron – You have probably noticed homes featuring attractive designs on top of the fences. We are talking about the wrought iron fence, which is both appealing and sturdy. Of course, you must maintain and upkeep them regularly to ensure their appeal and efficiency. If you wish to ensure its beauty, you should repaint and sand it at least once in two years. When it comes to security, wrought iron options are not as popular for traditional household owners. Since they are custom-made, it means you should spare plenty of money for installation and maintenance.
  • Vinyl –You should remember that vinyl options are more substantial and flexible than wooden fences. At the same time, they are perfect for each category and factor you wish to consider. Since it resists paint, you can clean any unwanted stain or graffiti. People tend to purchase it due to lowmaintenance. You may need only soap and hose to ensure its appearance from time to time. Of course, it comes with higher upfront expenses, but you will save money in the long run for chemicals and tools for maintenance and repairs.
  • Chain Link – It is vital to remember that chain link options will not provide you the privacy you want. However, you will get additional features with it. They are durable, affordable, and require low maintenance, which will provide you peace of mind. You can add a decentnumber of flowers, shrubbery, and vines to ensure extra privacy. You can also add more security with proper landscaping inside of them, which will require a small amount of creativity for the process.

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  • Electric – You can find electric options that are almost invisible and created for canines or dogs. It means you should place wires next to a trench, which will keep intruders off your premises. They come with a wireless transmitter, which will help you activate the wire. We recommend you tom get a battery-powered collar, which will help you receive additional signals. The collar is perfect for keeping animals within a specific boundary because it features pitched sounds only they can hear.