Deborah Patterson September 22, 2021

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Roulette remains one of the most popular casino games around, and millions of people play it each day. That is because the thrills and excitement it delivers are hard to beat. For this reason, roulette is a casino classic that all the topiGaming sites carry. 

Due to this, itis a straightforward game to find, and this accessibility also explains its popularity. Resorts Casino is the best NJ online casino in many people’s eyes and one that has some great games to play. Along with excellentcustomer support and generous bonuses, the roulette variants it carries make it an attractive proposition for players.

Roulette is also a game thatallows playersto influence how things pan out. The best example of this is being able to pick between European or American roulette wheels. As well as having just one green zero, European wheels come with other unique features. The La Partage and En Prison rules are a great example – but what are they?

What is La Partage? 

Although this option in European Roulette may sound as complex as learning about complicated online technology, it really isn’t. When you make an even-money bet in European roulette, a table with La Partage rules applied will split your wager in two and give you back half if the ball lands on zero. 

It is necessary to note that this does not usually apply to inside bets – even tables with La Partage will see you lose these bets if a zero comes up.The benefits of La Partage are apparent to any seasoned casino fan. It brings the casino’s house edge down to around 1.3% and makes roulette more profitable for players. 

What is En Prison for European roulette? 

Another term you may have heard when playing roulette is En Prison. What does that refer to exactly? It can often be confused with La Partage because it applies to even money bets and what happens if a green zero comes up on the wheel.

In En Prison, the dealer places a marker over all even money bets, should the zero appear. This effectively places your bet ‘in prison’ – hence the name. The wheel is then spun again, and you get your initial stake back if your bet wins. You can also sometimes see wheels that offer the chance to remain En Prison for a second time if a zero comes up again. As with La Partage, this option brings the house edge down and can help players win more often.

La Partage and En Prison worth knowing about

Both these betting terms are worth knowing about for roulette players. As they both offer the chance to bring down the casino’s edge, they can be a way to make more money in the longterm. Although they might sound confusing to begin with, the above shows this is not the case when you dig deeper.