Jean Morgan May 18, 2021

I love you necklace 120 languages is a jewel that mixes technology and a lot of cuteness. Find out all about this beautiful necklace that has become the perfect gift for many couples in love. The 24K gold Nano inscription the I love you necklace in 120 languages ​​seems to be a necklace with charm as well as other jewels that have become popular in recent years. After all, what is so unique? Check out everything about this necklace that has moved Google searches.

What is the Necklace ‘I love you 120 languages?’

Apparently it is a normal necklace with a pendant. However, through Nano technology the inner part of the pendant brings a beautiful message. The necklace bears the phrase “I love you” in 120 different languages ​​from different parts of the world. Cutest is impossible, isn’t it?

Besides being spectacular, the jewelry is also fun, because one of the ways to see the message of the necklace is through the cell phone camera or through a magnifying glass. Just move the camera closer to the inside of the pendant for the cute message to appear on the phone screen. Thus, the phrase I love you appears in 120 languages.

Necklace I love you 100 languages ​​- meaning and jewel

A very interesting aspect of this very cute necklace is that the piece is a real jewel. After all, the chain and the part that is wrapped around the central part of the pendant are made in silver, gold or gold plated. So, besides having this beautiful message discreetly hidden in the piece, the Necklace I love you 120 languages ​​is a real jewel. That’s because it is made from noble metals.

Option for semi-jewelry lovers

But those who love semi-jewels need not despair. Also, it is possible to find on the internet versions made in metallic alloys and bathed in noble metals. The super positive point is that these versions in semi-jewels cost much more attractive prices than the real jewels.

Where to buy?

The necklace that is conquering passionate people all over the world can be purchased online at affordable prices. There is a wide variety of models and styles of this cute necklace. Besides being a beautiful piece visually, with simple design and at the same time sophisticated, the necklace I love you 120 languages ​​is amazing. After all, it presents one of the most striking phrases in a sincere relationship.