Paul Petersen May 16, 2021

Your pets are important to you. It would be concerning if they weren’t. However, considering that you are reading about microchipping, it would be safe to lay that concern to rest.

A significant fear most pet owners face is the loss of their beloved pet. Still, a staggering number of pets are lost every year in the United States. One glimpse at the statistics will send you rushing to your closest microchipping pet services in Orange Beach, AL.

Peeva establishes that out of the present 135 million pets in the US, one-third of them go missing. It gets even worse. The recovery rate for those missing pets is a marginal 20%.

If you still haven’t considered getting your pet chipped, you should start now. As you take this crucial step, there are some things you should understand.

How a microchip works

Perhaps, one of the most common misconceptions floating around is that microchips work like a GPS tracker.

A GPS tracker may tell you the location of your pet. However, these trackers do not have any avenue for people to contact you. More importantly, GPS trackers are usually attached to external pet accessories, such as collars. They could break or fall off.

Microchips, in comparison, are embedded under the skin. The procedure is relatively painless and quick. The measure of a rice grain, these chips are based on a radio frequency that, when scanned, transmits a unique ID number.

Based on these ID numbers, shelters or veterinarians can contact an owner and ask them to retrieve their pet.

Ideally, it would help if you equipped your pets with a microchip in addition to a GPS tracker. That allows one technology to help where the other falls short.

The shortcomings of a tag or an ID collar

Consider, for a moment, how important your pet is to you. Will simple words be enough for you to explain that to someone else?

The answer is probably ‘no.’ Then, why would you settle for the same when locating your pet?

Putting your address or contact information on a collar will never be enough. These kinds of external accessories are prone to damage.

Your lost pet can make the average stranger momentarily upset. Nonetheless, if they have to go out of their way to decipher the eroded writing in your dog’s collar, they won’t stay upset for long.

There is no reason to choose the unreliable option when there are better alternatives.

The cost of microchipping

Microchipping is as inexpensive as it can get. The average cost of microchipping in the United States is around $50.

This next bit of information is even better. Most veterinarians charge that amount only if you go for the service exclusively. In a regular check-up for your pet, veterinarians usually include the cost of the chip at a reduced amount in your final bill.

You may have known this already if you are a pet owner. Any responsible veterinarian would notify pet owners of that information.

Summing up

Your pets matter a lot to you, and rightfully so. Don’t hesitate a second longer. Make your way to the nearest microchipping pet services in Orange Beach, AL.

Once chipped, your pets won’t have to remain cooped up in the house anymore. You can allow them out freely. It is easy to find them with this identifying information if they wander away.