Deborah Patterson December 22, 2020

How to stop smoking for good? This is the challenge for many smokers: to quit smoking for good. Because many people stop smoking and go back a few weeks, months, or even years later. Tobacco addiction is a real nuisance, which is very difficult to combat. Fortunately, the electronic cigarette like Juice Head 0mg e-juice is there to help you quit smoking without going back!

Stop Smoking With An Electronic Cigarette

To stop smoking is to get rid of addiction and preserve your health from many diseases linked to smoking. And there are many! Over 6 million smokers die each year from tobacco. In France, the number of deaths from tobacco is equivalent to 1 in 8 deaths. Lung cancer, oral cancer, pancreatic cancer, risk of infarction. Tobacco is a real scourge for health. Smoking 15 cigarettes a day reduces life expectancy by an average of 10 years. What will convince you for good to quit smoking!

The major problem with quitting smoking is the lack of nicotine and the addiction to the gesture and the sensations that a cigarette gives. If the patches and other nicotine substitutes work to calm the absence of nicotine, the need to smoke out of habit and taste can sometimes take over. The electronic cigarette’s advantage is that with some skinny tube models, you keep the gesture, but without tobacco’s carcinogenic substances.

Stop Smoking With The Vape

Once the decision to quit smoking is over, you need to equip yourself. To do this, start learning about the different types of e-cigs and take stock of your nicotine need. We advise you to first buy an electronic cigarette for beginner vapers, which allows you to vape in indirect inhalation (MTL) with a tight draw. What to have sensations close to those offered by your cigarettes!

On the e-liquid side, opt for a vape juice balanced in PG / VG with a classic aroma, that is to say, a flavor that reproduces the taste of tobacco like There are plenty of them, and it’s up to you to test several to see what suits you! Once you get used to vaping, you can switch to other flavors. If you are a hefty smoker, know that there are e-liquids with nicotine salts. They are available with high nicotine levels (up to 20 mg/ml) and take effect in seconds, without having a strong hit that hurts your throat.