Edith Bryant February 22, 2021

A dirty carpet in the house can leave a negative impression on your guests but having an unclean carpet in your facility or work space can negatively affect your brand image and eventually sales. It is essential for the overall success of your business to ensure that your office/facility along with your carpets is well-kept, tidy and smell-free. If you are very busy in handling your business and you don’t have time to clean your office carpets, then it is recommended for you to hire a commercial carpet cleaning service to help you have a pretty clean, stain-free and impressive work area. Canada Clean Home will examine if your facility has the below given signs to need professional cleaning services or not. 

Track marks

Right from clients, colleagues, employees, courier, your workspace or facility is a heavily trafficked area. You may hope that the people entering your office are clean with shiny polished boots, but this is not always the situation. No matter your whole office is carpeted or you have carpets in specific areas, the carpet fibres get soaked by the dirt, sludge, grime and debris stuck on the back of their shoes. If the carpet is neglected, then the track marks cause build-up of dirt, grime, debris and dust which may get saturated and eventually the tracking marks will get evident. With the help of professional carpet cleaning services you can get these marks effectively removed from your carpets.

Discoloured patches

The carpet may appear clean on the above, but there may have been great deterioration underneath because of usage. If you notice any discoloured patches on the carpet, it could be because of food or chemical stains. If you leave the carpet un-cleaned, then an odour can develop. Such carpets need deep cleaning. Professional carpet cleaning in St. Albert will prevent the colours of your carpet from fading during the cleaning procedure. 

Bad odour

Be it because of a food spill or a chemical item, both a stain and odour will eventually appear in the office. You don’t have anything more undesirable for your clients and staff to breath in an environment with unappealing smell in the air. Even if there hasn’t been a spill on the carpet, any dirt, bacteria or grime accumulation over time on the carpet can lead to such offensive odour. Bad odours permeate the air and affect the air quality too, which can be hazardous for the health of the staff. It is essential to hire professional carpet cleaning services to deal with the smell instantly. They will deodorize and disinfect the carpets and make them thoroughly clean and odour-free.

Canada Clean Home is a reliable office and commercial carpet cleaning service in St. Albert. If you are looking for affordable cleaning services, then contact them now! With so many years of experience, they offer top quality, environmental friendly cleaning services to your workplace. We ensure that your facility will be thoroughly cleaned and healthy to ensure the safety of your clients and employees. Call them now to get your facility cleaned!