Jean Morgan June 26, 2019

Scientists have discovered that the erotic massage stimulation activates the same brain areas that are active even when the clitoris is irritated. So devote your attention to these two love hills.

Sensual massages for the female intimate area

First and foremost, the sensual partner massage does not aim at the therapeutic release of tension, but serves an erotic approach. So do not just save on the right massage strokes and strokes and tender kisses. Involve your entire body and cover the areas you are not currently massaging with a towel or blanket to prevent it from cooling down and maintaining its feel-good effect. You can choose the sensual massage Brisbane service now.

Tips for a successful partner massage 

  • Use fragrant massage oil.
  • Create a pleasant atmosphere and switch off sources of interference such as the telephone.
  • Take care of a warm room temperature.
  • Scented candles and dimmed light create a sensual ambience.
  • Do not take your hands away from your body, but keep your body in contact.
  • Try to balance your breathing with that of your partner.
  • Take all the time in the world.
  • Be gentle, you do not have to untie knots.

Do not stop the massage abruptly

Do not immediately edit her clitoris or vagina. Increase the sensibility of your entire body by gently stroking all of its erogenous zones. Circle your inner thighs, neck, knees, belly button, pubic hair or breasts and hesitate a bit. Suck on her nipples. Watch them and enjoy every touch. Watch as her fine body hairs set up and her ribcage arched sensually upwards. If they can barely stand it and their desire has become insatiable, take the next step and dedicate themselves to their pleasure centers a bit more direct.

Gentle seduction: Venus hump, clitoris and vulva massage

Place your palm on the pubic mound, and grasp the bottom of the vaginal entrance (thin membrane) with your fingers. Now apply gentle pressure from the heel of your hand, which spreads fluently to your fingertips. When you arrive at the vaginal opening, press your fingers against the fine skin there. You can also slide your fingertip (s) into the vagina to pull it out again immediately.

Audition please

Pay attention to the breath of your loved ones. Ideally, press against the vaginal opening when your loved one breathes out the last breath, then start inhaling again at the mons pubis. The tempo can be adjusted to your needs as well as the pressure. Start gently and gradually increase the intensity of your touch.

Clitoris Massage I

  • First wet your fingers with plenty of lube or spit.
  • Then push the labia with the thumb and middle finger to the side and with the palm of your hand the skin of the stapes into the stomach.
  • To release the clitoris.
  • Then place the index finger tip directly on the globular beginning of the clitoris, which has become visible.
  • Now use your index finger to make a circular movement and apply gentle to strong pressure on your clitoris before each new circular movement.
  • You can do this for a while, and if you feel like it, let the fingers of the other hand penetrate their wet crevasse, for example.
  • Do not overdo the clitoris. It’s the opposite of the glans and you know how it is when the stimulation at this sensitive spot is too intense.