Edith Bryant September 14, 2020

There are so many people who face many difficult problems in their life and they think that they cannot perform any type of action to get their problem solved. But you can see some who have disabilities but they are showing what they are to the world by performing to their level by getting their problem solved. 

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The movie Johaar was directed by TejaMarni and produced by Sandeep Marni. The story has been selected very well and also directed in a good version.

Coming to movie actor AnkithKoyya is a youngster. The movie revolves around Chaitanya Krishna who is a politician and wants to build his father statue at his constituency and create history in the political field. But to build that he wants to use public funds. Due to usage of public funds many of the youngsters who want to design their life have suffered and mainly 5 members’ life has been affected more. To know more about the movie watch the movie at Aha.

Plus points

The movie mainly has a good story and got clicked. Cast selection has been good and they acted according to the given roles. The movie got hit due to the best performance by the cast. Showed the politician character in an unexpected version. Comedy is good enough to get the audience entertained.

Technical aspects 

Locations which have selected have suited the movie which has led to get the movie successful. Has selected the best political area for showing the politics in the good version. BDM has made the movie very attractive. Cinematography has been good.

Artists  performance

Chaitanya krishna has played a huge role acting as a politician. You can also watch the 5 five characters which have performed very well to get the movie successful. Actress NainaGanguly again showed how to act with her best performance. You can enjoy best comedy made by the cast while you are watching movie.

Cast and crew 

Actor: AnkithKoyya

Actress: NainaGanguly

Other characters: Esther, Rohini

Director: TejaMarni

Producer: Sandeep Marni

Music director: Priyadarshan

Release date: 14th August 2020


The movie Johaar has the best ever inspirational story and also contains entertainment while visualizing the movie. Music director has composed the best ever songs. Comedy has been remarkable.

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