Edith Bryant February 23, 2021

Though muscles get all the attention, boosting your testosterone has effects on your health, mood, heart and other stuff too. But, how can you put it into action? A number of studies have always linked testosterone with muscle growth. But this muscle building hormone has several other benefits too. Some of the underrated benefits of testosterone are given below:

It strengthens bones, removes fat and adds muscle

It is a known fact that testosterone boosts your muscle building and strength, but also helps in loss of body fat. Some studies also reveal improvement in the bone density of those who use testosterone. As men age, their testosterone levels drop and their bone density falls. In order to keep your bones strong, you should maintain the normal T levels Generic Island

Testosterone also increases the uptake of triglycerides, the fat moving in your blood and boost fat utilization which eventually lowers the levels of body fat.

Testosterone enhances energy and sex drive

Testosterone naturally increases your sexual desire and activity. Hence, having optimal T level has a positive impact on your sex drive. Low testosterone can decline your sexual performance and desire. 

Testosterone supports a healthy heart

According to studies, it has been seen that men with lower testosterone have higher risk of cardiovascular mortality. A healthy heart is necessary to provide muscles and organs with sufficient oxygen for optimum performance. Testosterone boosts the performance of nitric oxide which dilates the arteries for better blood flow and hence more oxygen gets delivered to muscles and organs. 

Good supply of oxygen to muscles helps them to heal faster. So, while exercising if you experience muscle injury, it will heal faster.    

Test your T level

If you are experiencing issues like irritability, lack of motivation, tiredness, low sex activity then your T levels may be low. If you are looking forward for bodybuilding, then you should definitely get your T level checked so that you can go for the desired consumption. With the right intake, you cannot just get rid of the low testosterone symptoms but also boost your muscle building procedure Generic Island

How to boost your testosterone levels?

Changes in diet and workout regime can affect your testosterone levels. If you are going for resistance training, then you should recruit as much muscle mass as you can for compound movements. Going for squats, deadlift rows and heavy weight lifting requires more effort. Also pay attention to the duration of the workout session. 

You can get in touch with a trainer or nutritionist to find out how much testosterone you need to get a body you are looking forward to make. He will guide you the right dosage and the cycle. Usually 400 to 1200mg per week is recommended for a cycle of 8 to 20 weeks for muscle building. For more information, you can contact a nutritionist.  

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